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Washington Climate Assembly

Washington Climate Assembly is the first of its kind in the United States: “A People’s (or Citizens’) Assembly is a democratic process that seeks to answer a question or solve a problem facing a community in a way that fairly represents the interests of people from all walks of life.

2020 - 2021


Design, Art Direction

The Assembly was an exciting event in which 80 Washington residents came together remotely in Winter 2020/2021 to learn about, discuss, deliberate, and recommend climate change solutions for consideration by the State Legislature. Participants were chosen through a lottery so as to accurately represent the state in terms of demographics such as age, race/ethnicity, geographic distribution, and views on climate change.”

I supported the program for 6 months with graphic design and art direction. This included flyers, website assistance, social media assets, a 100 page report, and customizing stock illustrations to be on brand and showcase diversity.