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Big ideas by day. Creative by Knight.

If you’re looking for really great design work and equally great book recommendations, you’re in the right place. I’m an art director, graphic designer, production artist, photographer, illustrator, and bona fide maker who creates work in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With a background in fine art, an early career in print production and image retouching, and a wealth of knowledge about branding and marketing, I’m continuously learning to think my way around problems and help companies and causes get their point across, in pixels or in print.

In 2014, I founded Pique: Fort Wayne Art & Culture, a semi-annual magazine that focused on all things amazing about the city I call home. Currently, I spend my weekdays as a freelance art director and graphic designer working with a variety of local and national clients.

In addition to growing big ideas, I’m constantly growing my collection of books, plants (both indoor and garden-variety), unbelievably good vegan recipes, and ways to spoil my dogs, Moxi and Lego.


AARP, IMAX, Epson, Square Enix, Manta Comics, Sweetwater Sound, American Nurses Association, ANA Enterprise, GHX, Arhaus, Banyan Bridges, Two EE’s Winery, Excell Color Graphics, Harris Flote Bote, Longe Optical, Washington Climate Assembly, Middle Waves, Paper Punk, FoldMade, Science Central, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne Ballet.


Full-time Freelancer
(2020–Present) Art Director & Graphic Designer

University of Saint Francis
(2015–Present) Adjunct Professor

Boyden & Youngblutt
(2020) Art Director

Sweetwater Sound
(2018–2020) Graphic Designer

Pique: Fort Wayne Art & Culture
(2014–2018) Founder / Creative Director / Editor

Britton Marketing & Design Group
(2016-2017) Production Artist

Excell Color Graphics
(2013-2018) Prepress Technician & Graphic Designer


University of Saint Francis
(2014) BA in Communication Arts & Graphic Design